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Projector Repair Services. Free Evaluation. Projector Display Problems, White spots on image. Temp or lamp flashing red light. Projector colour wheel repair, no signal or no display, etc. Specialist repair service of LED, DLP, LCoS, & SXRD projectors.

Projector repair service in the United Kingdom for the repair of  LED, DLP, LCoS, SXRD, & Laser Diode projectors. We offer best in class specialist digital projector repair service for all projector power and projector display issues. Acer, BenQ, InFocus, LG Electronics, Sanyo, Optoma, Barco, Sony, JVC, Dell, Panasonic, Christie, Epson, Casio, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Philips Electronics, Sim2, Projectiondesign, Epson projectors, Xiaomi, NEC, Promethean, etc.

White spots on projector image, projector colour wheel, projector power and projector display problems, lines on projector image, Auto Iris error, JVC DLA series 3 red blinks, Barco rlm error code 255, Barco error code 5647, error code 6200, error code 7980, Barco Low Frequency Maintenance Error, Sony GH10 Silicon X-tal Reflective Display [SXRD] panel burnout, Dell laser projector S718QL white dots and many more.


Enjoy long warranty with your trusted local projector repair centre. Our projector repair service covers all issues affecting LED projectors,  DLP projectors, LCD, LCOS and laser projectors. 

UK best in class projector repair service centre for all video projectors. Expertise is in home cinema projectors, overhead projectors and high performance large venue projectors.

We repair all issues such as boots failure, overheating causing intermittent shutdown. White spots on a projector screen. Dull picture and discolouration, banding, horizontal and vertical lines across picture, colour wheel replacement, project fan replacement, lenses assembly repairs,  LCD assembly repairs and replacement. Projector lamp replacement and regular projector maintenance service.

Projector  Maintenance Service for Laser Projectors. LED Projectors, LCD, LCoS & DLP Projectors.

Managed  Projector Maintenance  Service

Ways to maintain your projector and keep it working at peak performance.

Ensure regular cleaning of the Air Filter. This will prevent overheating. Overheating damages ballast, power supply and and motherboard.

Ensure timely replacement of the air filters, the projector lamp and the remote control batteries.


  • Free projector cleaning with every repairs
  • Projector air filter and vent cleaning
  • Projector fans cleaning
  • projector chassis proper cleaning
  • Projector LCD assembly cleaning
  • Projector lamp hours check and bulb cleaning.


Audiovisual equipment repair and maintenance industry for Barco, Benq, Christie, Digital Projection, Eiko, Epson, InFocus, JVC, Mitsubishi, Optoma, Panasonic, Projectiondesign, Sanyo,  Sim2, Sony and many more. Our repair services cover single chip full HD 1080 home theater projectors to 3 chip 4K and 4K+ DLP laser LCOS, LED, and LCD projectors.

Projector Lamps, Projector Screens, Projector Mounts & Accessories.

We stock genuine and compatible projector lamps

Fast worldwide delivery of your projector lamps and mounts.

  • Projector lamps
  • Portable Projector Screen
  • Electric Projector Screen
  • Home Cinema Projector Screen
  • Motorised Projector Screen
  • HDTV Projector Screen


We also stock lamps and bulbs for various manufacturers such as 3M, A+K, Anders Kern, Acer, ASK, Proxima, Barco, BenQ, Canon, Casio, Christie, Compaq, CTX, Dell, Delta, Digital Projection, Dream Vision, Dukane, DWIN, EIKI, Elmo, eLux, Epson, Everest, Fujitsu, Hitachi, HP, Hughes-JVC, IBM, iiyama, InFocus, InFocus ScreenPlay, InFocus Home, JVC, LG Electronics, Liesegang, Lightware, Lumens, Luxeon, Marantz, Mitsubishi, NEC, Optoma, Panasonic, Panasonic Home, Philips, Pioneer, Pixa, PLUS, PLUS Home, Projectiondesign, Proxima, Samsung, Sanyo, SIM2 Multimedia, Sony, Toshiba DPD, Toshiba TACP, Sharp PG Series, Sharp XG Series, SharpVision, Studio Experience, ViewSonic, Vivitar, Vivitek, XEROX, Yamaha and many more.

Projector Repair - All makes and models.

Acer, Barco, BenQ, Christie, Epson, InFocus, JVC, Optoma, etc.

We offer specialist projector repair for all projector faults with free evaluation and estimates, free projector fan & filter cleaning, free nationwide collection, loan projector while we repair yours, free projector lamp fitting and free PAP testing with all repairs.

Projector Display Problems;

Dull image, Discolouration and Blotches on Projector Screen

As opposed to DLP projectors, LCD projectors colour degradation may come as dull, dimmed, discolouration or blotches on the display. The discoloration may leave the projector with yellow color, pink or green colour. Also dark patches. Motherboard degradation often result in shimmering  purple or yellow characters on display etc.

Projector White Dots Repair

White Spots on Projector Screen Repair

Projector white dots issue is a  common problem with DLP projectors. How soon a projector with DLP chip develops this anomally depends on usage type and environment. When in regular use in a warm environment, a projector may start to develop white dots after the 2nd year of use. projectors of light usage may not manifest this until about 5 years. If you are experiencing this issue, our projector repair service center can help you.

Projector Input Port Repair

Faulty HDMI Ports, Faulty DVI AND VGA Ports

A common problem that projector users regularly report to projector repair center is broken input ports. Projector may power up, the lamp ignited with access to the menu to change setting as required. But in spite of all these, one or more of the display ports may be  impervious to all effort to get it to work.We can help. When this happens, let us help

Projector power Issues Repair– No Boot

Projector Power Supply and Ballast Repair

Projectors may sometimes fail to boot. A projector may boot but fail to ignite the lamp. Also it may boot, work briefly, power down, and then reboot in a loop. Status led may indicate lamp error or fan failure. Epson projectors may come up with Auto Iris error. Let our projector repair team help you.

Projector Colour Wheel Repair

Broken Colour Wheel, Noisy Colour Wheel

All single Chip and 3 Chips DLP projectors use colour wheels. In our line of projector repair services, we regularly encounter projectors with colour wheel issues. If your DLP projector has a problem, let us help. Our service is with warranty

Free Projector Recycling

Free collection. Trade-in Welcome

In  conjunction with our projector repair services, we also offer free EPA Compliant Projector Recycling and Projector Re-marketing services. have you a projector or many projectors to recycle, get in touch. Where the projector or projectors are of reusable value, we will buy it from you.

We had four interactive whiteboard projectors collected from our school on Friday morning for LCD block replacements. They were fully repaired and returned in perfect working order by 07:30 the following Monday! Very impressed with this service.

eoghan b. Avatar
eoghan b.

Professional and quality service, although repair took slightly longer than anticipated Andrea kept me up to date throughout. Would definitely use this company again and recommend to others.

Chris B. Avatar
Chris B.

Work completed on time and the machine works exactly as it should. The time to complete the work was short. The collection and delivery were arranged by the Projector Repair Centre and were straightforward and convenient. The staff were considerate, helpful and the advice and information they gave was accurate.

Ian B. Avatar
Ian B.

Lovely lady Andreea was sorting our projector. Had estimated value from start. When emailed I always had update. Projector was ready before Xmas but I couldn't pay that time. Paid 22nd and projector was with me 2 days later. She went above and beyond making sure we will have it... read more

Agnieszka R. Avatar
Agnieszka R.