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Projector colour wheel issues;

  • Flickering image due to bad projector colour wheel.

  • Broken projector colour wheel segment(s)

  • Dust and soot encrusted projector colour wheels resulting in faded or spotty images.

DLP, LCOS and LED projectors are equipped with color wheels. Single chip and 3 Chips DLP projectors are clear winners when it comes to issue of motion blur and convergence that affects LCD projectors.

At some point though, projected images on a DLP projector may start to show with missing colours, flickering image, or buzzing, whirring and grinding noise from within the projector. The machine may boots and then switch off with blinking amber or red error warning lights. This could be due to a number of issues. Prominent among which is colour wheels.

Colour wheels are made to spin at a preset number of revolution per minutes. When the colour wheel becomes sooty and slows down, stop spilling or spins too fast, the optical sensor sends a signal to the projector that provokes a shutdown. So if your projector has stopped booting or is experiencing intermittent shutdowns. Let us carry out a free evaluation before you go shopping for a new lamp or a new projector