Please we do not take repair orders over the telephone. We do not accept walk-in as well. Kindly fill in the booking form and we will reply with an estimate for your repair within the next 24 hours. Alternatively, you may send us an email;


Common Projector Colour Problems

  • Damaged lenses either due to accumulation of dust inside the lenses assembly

  • Burnt to one or more of the LCD panels

  • Burnt or broken Dichroic mirror and Dichroic combiner cube.

  • Non functioning Input Ports Repair

  • Broken input and exhaust fans leading to projector burnout

A number of issues can lead to dull colour, discolouration or blotches on LCD projector display.

The discoloration may leave the machine with yellowish color, pinkish or greenish colour. Also dark patches, shimmering characters on display etc.

These anomalies at times could be so very bad as to render the machine unusable. If you are experiencing this issue, let us help you.