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Specialist projector repair service for laser projector, led projector, DLP projector, LCD projector and LCoS projectors. Projector white dots, Discolouration, blotches,  faulty projector colour wheel, input port failure, and many more.

Contact us for  all projector common problems.

We provide standard 3 months warranty for all repair works.

Our service for data projectors, home cinema projectors as well as interactive data projectors covers short throw, ultra short throw and long throw multimedia projectors.

We have professionals skilled in component level repairs of all types of projectors from leading manufacturers such as ; 3D, 3M, Acer, Barco, Benq, Christie, Dell, Epson, Hitachi, Infocus, JVC, LG, Mitsubishi, NEC, Nobo, Optoma, Panasonic, Proxima, Samsung, Sanyo, Sharp, Sim2, Sony, Toshiba, Viewsonic, Vivitek, etc.

All projector repair works are carried out using genuine replacement parts.

Projector Maintenance for DLP, LCD & LCOS Projectors.

Our projector repair service for LCD, LED, LCOS and Laser projectors covers short throw and long throw data and multimedia projectors for hotels, schools, offices and religious organizations.

Known repair issues of LCD and other hybrid projector technologies are;

  • Projector Auto Iris error.
  • Projector Fan failure
  • Projector input port failure
  • Blurred images.
  • Shimmering yellow or purple stains and blotches on projector screens


  • Predominantly yellow, blue, red and green display as a result of the degradation of the LCD panels.
  • ‘Chicken Wire Effect’. Patterns making the projector image appear pixelated.

Beside the issues listed above. Other common faults are burnt lens assembly, boot failure and those that need general maintenance service.

Projector Display Problems

A number of issues can lead to dull, dimmed, discolouration or blotches on the display of an LCD projector. The discoloration may leave the machine with yellow color, pink or green colour. Also dark patches, shimmering characters on display etc.

White Dots On Projector Display Repair

Projector technologies are getting better. The images are becoming brighter, the colours more brilliant. Be it for corporate presentations, teaching tool, home entertainment, or religious events etc, get some help from us.

No Signal or No Image from Projector

Your projector powers up, the lamp is ignited and you are able to access the menu and change setting as required. But in spite of all these, one or more of your display ports seems impervious to all effort to get it to work.

Projector Power Repair– No Boot

Projectors may sometimes fail to boot. A projector may boot but fail to ignite the lamp. Also it may boot, work briefly, power down, and then reboot in a loop. Status led may indicate lamp error or fan failure.

Projector Colour Wheel Repair

DLP powered projectors are equipped with color wheels. Single Chip and 3 Chips DLP projectors are clear winners when it comes to issue of motion blur and convergence that affects LCOS and LCD projectors.

Projector Recycling

We offer free EPA Compliant Projector Recycling and Projector Re-marketing services. The greater the strides we make in technology, the more wanton we become in our disregard for the environment.